The Eco Forum – Baltimore

The Eco Forum – Baltimore

The Premiere Regional Networking Event for Sustainability Executives in Baltimore, MD

The Eco Forum • Baltimore

Tuesday, July 13
202 East Pratt Street
5th Floor of The Renaisance Hotel
Baltimore, Maryland
6pm – 9pm

Jeff Blankman – Sustainable Manufacturing Manager for McCormick & Co.

Charles Dean Connor – President & CEO, American Lung Association
Scott Friedman – Co-founder, Principal and CEO, Greenavise

Are you tired of “Green Networking Events” that focus more on socializing and
job hunting than truly connecting you with fellow Eco-Leaders? So were we! As
the producers of the nation’s leading Trade & Consumer Expos for Eco-Friendly
businesses, we saw a great need for regional networking groups focused only on
the executives working within sustainability.

With a focus on building relationships and education, the eco-forum offers
members powerful resources for growth, advancement and fulfillment. By bringing
together innovative thought leaders, business entrepreneurs and senior
executives from disciplines that intersect within the green space; the
eco-forum presents a new approach to the realization of tangible business

Admission is based on your corporate affiliation and will be granted strictly
to C-Level Executives, Business Owners, CSR Executives, Sustainability
Executives & Non-Profit Leaders. Please forward this along to the appropriate
representative of your organization. Please click the link below to submit your
application and purchase tickets. All applications are subject to our board
approval before granting admission.

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Each approved attendee will receive a complimentary, comprehensive overview of our global challenges & solutions “The Sustainable World SourceBook”
compliments of the eco-forum & one of our founding members: Vinit Allen, Executive Director of the Sustainable World Coalition